Pamela Rudy
Computer Technology Center, Room 120

The Field

Administrative and clerical employees keep offices organized and working as a team. They schedule appointments and meetings. They create memos, spreadsheets and presentations. They’re often the first person co-workers turn to when they have a problem, and the first person new clients meet when they call or walk in the door.

The Outlook

There are millions of offices around the world, and thousands right here in the Bay Area. Small businesses and big corporations, tech start-ups and giants, doctors, lawyers, dentists, schools and departments of government all employ competent, qualified support staff to keep everything in order. Even outside the office, a lot of employers value experience with business and computer software or basic office systems.

For more information about entry level administrative jobs, like how many are available and how much you could earn in one, check out the Secretary and Administrative Assistant page at our online Career Coach. You can also use that to get the same information about the kinds of jobs you might qualify for after gaining more experience.

Fully Online Business Degrees at Contra Costa College

Our Program

Common sense and a positive attitude may be an administrative assistant’s keys to success, but experience and training usually open the doors.

No matter what your current situation is, we’ve got you.

If you’re just starting out and want to get to work soon, our short term certificates and Business Information Worker program can have you ready for entry-level office jobs in a year or less.

We also have two-year programs and associate degrees for people who want to enter the workforce with more competitive qualifications, or continue on to a four-year university.

It’s okay if you don’t have any experience or training. You can learn how to type, write business letters, proofread, organize files—even how to use email and the internet—by doing it all hands-on at vwin德赢娱乐官网入口. As you do, you’ll become proficient and confident using industry standard software like Word, Excel and Outlook. We can even help you look for jobs, write a resume and prepare for interviews.

And if you’re already an experienced office professional, you can always come upgrade your resume with new skills.

We are with you all the way.

So, why not check out the program, see if we can help you pay for school or even get the ball rolling and apply now?